Client Comments

We are proud of our accomplishments in making our clients more effective. That has paid dividends for them and for us. We have brought together a few of the comments that made us feel good, brought about, we believe, because we have helped our clients by providing solid, honest advice, thorough evaluations, excellent writing, and both hard and smart work on their behalf. Please contact us if you need sound advice in support of your activities or business in geomatics or related areas.

Bob Ryerson, President

UN Organization “It is a very thorough and well-written report, which goes into a lot of useful detail. It has many useful insights that we should share with our Country Offices.” (Comment on an evaluation report) “This is an excellent evaluation - only a few minor changes.” (Comments on the first draft of another evaluation report.)

Canadian Space Agency “We can always rely on your input.” “This is the best consultant’s report I have ever seen.” “Keep up the good work (this will be the) highlight of the conference.” (Three separate contracts.)

US Government “Thanks for the great presentation the other day… your talk was right on. Most important was that M.H. was there… he’s in the budget shop, but has an extensive field background in GIS. In talking with him later, he was very impressed with what you had set forth. That’s high praise, indeed, from someone in our budget group!” “I would like to send out that one pager handout… the one titled “The Future of the Geomatics Industry.” I think it is timely and our GIS/mapping science folks in our field offices need to see it.” Comment from DOD National Geomatics Agency: “I plan to recommend to NGA, OSD, Army, and others that you brief the OSTP-led interagency working group developing the long-term plan for the U.S. operational land imaging program (OLIP).

Canadian and other Government agencies “Thank you very much for your effort in making (our project) a success. I think we all learned a lot and it certainly was a pleasure working with you.” (Comment from contract authority) “Thanks, this looks very good.” (A report done under contract) “This is pretty close to perfect.” (reference to public relations material prepared under the same contract). “Magnificent, high quality, exceptionally detailed!” (Comment from a client whose next stage funding request based on our report was approved.)

CIDA “The report contains a great deal of information indicative, I believe, of the enormous amount of effort on the part of the consultants. I congratulate both of them for a difficult job well done.” (Reference to work done for CIDA by Management Consulting in Geomatics Inc. and Kim Geomatics Corporation)

Private Sector Comments from CEOs/Owners

  • “We value your experience and market knowledge.” (We have worked with this company on three contracts).
  • “It is clear that your contacts have been invaluable in keeping our profile visible.” “I look forward to working with you again.” (We have had a continuing relationship with this company.)
  • “You made a great contribution to the on-time completion of our project for our client. Thank you.” (We have worked for this client in North America and Asia.)
  • “Thanks again. You were instrumental in this (contract) win due to the choice words and much needed helpful input that completed many hard to write paragraphs. We will have to use your services again.”(Comments on rush work done over a short period of time to help a client with a major proposal - our client won all components they bid on.)
  • “Dr. Ryerson, in addition to being an on-going consultant, would you be willing to serve on the Board of Directors?” (Similar requests have been received from several clients from 1997 to the present.)
  • “I appreciate the monumental effort you put in to get the project for … (major European space Contractor) taken care of. “(CEO of a sub-contractor for whom we did a technical study.)
  • “A stellar job…” (Comment on a marketing/business development study and on-going advice.)