Key Personnel

Our Key People

The experience and qualifications of the people we call upon on behalf of our clients is what gives our client’s the “Kim Edge.” Our people have worked in over 75 countries world-wide. We have other associates in Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific.

Robert Ryerson, Ph.D., CMS, FASPRS. President and Chief Consultant. Founder of the company, a former Director General in the Government of Canada, Past Chair of the Canadian Remote Sensing Society, and former member of the Board of Directors of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). He has contributed to the Manual of Remote Sensing as an author/editor of the Second Edition and served as Editor in Chief of the first three volumes of the Third edition. He is well known in government and industry circles world-wide for his contributions in research, strategy development, commercialization of geospatial and space technologies, marketing, business development and future studies. He has sat on the Board of Directors of the Geomatics Industry Associaiton of Canada. In late 2010 Ryerson and Aronoff published the widely acclaimed book “Why ‘Where’ Matters.” The book, which has sold into 29 countries is available at

E. Ann Blair, CMC, Vice President, Management Consulting. She has a degree in Mathematics and Economics from Queens University and is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Before joining Kim she spent 18 years in DMR/Fujitsu Consulting where she was a Director in the Management Consulting Practice. She has headed the SAP Process Engineering and Change Management Practices, as well as Management Consulting for Canada. She has served on the Computer Science Advisory Board for Heritage College, and was a member of the Ottawa Executive for the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CAMC). Ann brings special expertise in change management, an increasingly important area for the rapidly changing geospatial world. She also contributes to the strategic planning practice of the company.

Stan Aronoff, Ph.D., Senior Associate has written best-selling books in GIS, facility management and remote sensing. He holds degrees in biology (McGill), Environmental Design (Calgary) and a Ph.D. in wild-land ecology from University of California done under Dr. Bob Colwell. He has served in senior positions in industry, applying GIS and remote sensing to a wide range of areas. He brings highly organized research, strong strategic thinking and accomplished writing skills to the Kim team working on projects for industry, the Government of Canada, Government of Thailand, Bermuda and others.

Eduardo Quiroga, Ph.D. Senior Consultant, and President of the Montreal-based consulting firm Sylvagro with which Kim Geomatics has a strategic linkage, holds a Ph.D. in Resource Economics from Université de Paris VIII à Saint-Denis. Fluent in Spanish, English, and French he has worked world-wide in institutional strengthening, with special emphasis on program design and evaluation in developing countries. Ryerson and Quiroga have worked together in a number of countries on several continents.

Tina Cary, Ph.D., FASPRS (USA Office) has worked at senior levels in industry, academe, and has been associated with Kim Geomatics in policy, market, and strategic studies for a variety of clients, providing an experienced eye on the USA market. She is a Past President of the 6000 member ASPRS, and is an active member of the US-based industry association MAPPS. She is based in Colorado.

Stephen Boles, M.Sc. has his first degree from the University of Waterloo and his M.Sc. in forestry and remote sensing from University of Alaska. He returned to Canada in 2006 from the University of New Hampshire where he spent eight years working as a research scientist on projects involving remote sensing applied to a variety of vegetation-related problems, including avian influenza, deforestation, rice monitoring and the like. Mr. Boles is head of Environmental Geosolutions Inc, with offices in South Western Ontario and the United States. Kim and Environmental Geosolutions have several joint projects in the agricultural sector involving the commercialization of GIS and remote sensing. Mr. Boles is also highly versed in the world of carbon trading. As the founder of Kuzuka Ltd., he is developing the world’s first on-line marketplace for carbon offset sales.

Terry Fisher, M.Sc. is an internationally recognized expert in geospatial data infrastructure and GIS with broadly based experience in management and development of both simple and complex spatial data infrastructures. He has contributed to standards in the SDI field through work with the Open Geospatial Consortium and the Committee on Geomatics of the Canadian General Standards Board. He also headed the highly respected CEOS Working Group on this subject and led the development of presentation materials for the WSSD meeting in South Africa. He has worked on Kim projects for Agricorp, as well as for Bermuda.

Kevin Lim, Ph.D. has his doctorate degree from Queens University with a special interest in and knowledge of LiDAR and forestry over 10 years of experience in both large and small scale geospatial data bases, GPS, and GIS. Dr. Lim has been involved in a broad range of geospatial assignments including business process modelling, requirements analysis, custom application development, user needs assessments, multi-source and multi-user spatial data collection and management, large volume spatial data processing, and technology transfer. He has most recently been working on the Kim Contract with Bermuda.

Alan Stevens, Ph.D., FASPRS brings more than thirty years of experience in the USGS, including International Program Manager for the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), Chief of the Science and Applications Branch, and Chief of the International Branch. He has special interest in geospatial data infrastructures, international development, and institutional arrangements to support SDI. Dr. Stevens is a former President of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and currently Chairs the Awards Committee of the ASPRS.

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