Why KIM?

Why Kim Geomatics?

We are often asked about the name of our company. The story is an interesting one - and shows our affinity and long ties to Asia. In 1989 at a UN sponsored meeting in Kuala Lumpur on commercialization I was speaking with a number of friends from Asia. As young fathers we always had photos of our children to show friends when next we met. When I came to one of my daughters named Kim I was told by my colleagues that in their various languages Kim is an auspicious name often associated with success and wealth. With my hard to pronounce name of Robert Ryerson my colleagues then suggested that if I ever formed a company I should name it Kim - “much easier to pronounce than Robert Ryerson and Associates” they teased.

Kim Geomatics was born seven years later, the proud son of a number of well known leaders in remote sensing from Thailand, China, Japan, and Korea.

Bob Ryerson
May 2008