Examples of Our Work

Examples of Work we have performed since 1997

Further details can be made available to potential clients, assuming that the information sought is not proprietary to a past or current client.

The value of the contracts represented in the work below has ranged from a few thousand dollars to over $500,000.

Private Sector

  • Preparation of market assessments for various clients (e.g. precision agriculture, rural GIS, hyperspectral, satellite imagery, mapping services, software, new web services, etc.)
  • Market studies in geomatics (global, Asian, sector, national)
  • Information Needs Assessment for systems to handle EO data on coastal zones
  • Planning market penetration strategies for various countries, sectors, etc. for various clients.
  • Provision of advice on specific marketing materials, advertising, marketing channels, staffing, etc.
  • Assistance with proposal writing (various clients). Most of our clients have won at least part of what they have bid - contracts ranging from $250,000 to over $3 million
  • Commercialization of research related to the wine industry and remote sensing
  • Assessment of future industry structure
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Assistance in the sale or purchase of companies and technologies
  • Provision of additional depth to corporate marketing and business development resources.
  • Representing various clients at international meetings, conferences, etc. in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Development of an EO Data Product for wetland mapping (for ESA) - Kim provided the Chief Scientist
  • Strategic market advice (for a number of clients both big and small)
  • Identification and Assessment of Key Space-borne Applications of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing leading to a technical specification for a hyperspectral satellite based on market demand analysis
  • Advanced Marketing Study for Radar Remote Sensing Services and Enabling Technologies
  • Strategic positioning of a multinational company related to remote sensing data
  • Provision of strategic and on-going business development, marketing and strategic partnering advice on a retainer basis to the CEO/board level (a number of clients).

Government and Academic Clients

  • Strategic plan for the use of geospatial information (for a variety of national, provincial, and other agencies) included SWOT analyses, strategic planning workshops, and the like
  • Geomatics national program assessment and design
  • Development of an EO data policy framework
  • Assessment of the impact of geospatial data policy on industry development in Australia, Canada and the USA
  • Development of a data policy for space remote sensing data in Thailand
  • Assessment of the future state and structure of the earth observation industry with special reference to Canadian industry access to the US market. (Several studies for several agencies)
  • Assessment of the world-wide market for high resolution and hyperspectral EO technology and data
  • International Business Plan Development
  • Advisor to a Canadian Government/industry space mission to Europe
  • Preparation and summary of national level working group recommendations
  • Assessment of the likely cost of high resolution satellite data acquisition to map Canada’s ecumene
  • Organization of a workshop at the UN Conference on Space in Vienna aimed at commercializing earth observation services in developing nations
  • Organization of the Canadian sector of an international symposium on data sharing
  • Assessment of the potential role of the Space Station for earth observation
  • Assessment of the market for earth observation data for disaster mitigation
  • Conducting interviews related to market assessments
  • Development of an international RFP and evaluation criteria for that RFP related to satellite remote sensing data
  • Comparative study of geospatial industrial clusters worldwide and development of a plan for a cluster
  • Assess commercialization potential of geomatics R&D
  • Hyperspectral satellite user requirements & market for a space agency
  • Usefulness and Utilization for Radarsat 1: Assessment of the value of the Radarsat-1 Program to Canada

International Development Clients

We have been involved in assessing and developing international development projects and programs related to geomatics (primarily remote sensing and GIS) that has involved over 200 projects in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. We have established a predictive tool for success in such projects. Some examples of our work:

  • Assessment of various UN (UNDP, FAO, UN-ESCAP, UN-OPS) and CIDA regional GIS/Space applications programmes in the Asia Pacific and Latin American Regions
  • Assessment of the need for map information in support of de-mining in Mozambique
  • Assessment of a GIS/ecological/climatological project for the UNDP in Bangladesh
  • Assessment of a rural GIS application and system development in India for the UNDP
  • Preparation of a Handbook on Geo-information for Agricultural development for the FAO
  • Since 1997 presentations, workshops, seminars and key-note speeches have been given at a number of international symposia in Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as to the UN in New York, the World Bank, and at other venues around the world. We have worked in over 35 countries since 1997, our staff have edited a half dozen major books, contributed to several more, and have won a number of major national and international professional awards.