Related Sites

Related sites are listed below in alphabetical order.

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (
ASPRS is the professional society dealing with remote sensing and geo-spatial data in the United States. They are involved in the publishing of the Manual of Remote Sensing.

Borstad and Associates (
Provides airborne and spaceborne solutions to environmental and water monitoring problems.

Canadian Space Agency (
Canadian Space Agency is responsible for the in-space component of Canada’s space program.

Cary and Associates (
Cary and Associates, based in Colorado and headed by Dr. Tina Cary, is a strategic partner of Kim that offers specialized understanding of the USA geospatial market. Dr. Cary has collaborated with Kim many times over the past ten years, as Dr. Ryerson has collaborated with Cary and Associates. 

Earthwatch Inc. (
Sells satellite imagery.

Environmental Geosolutions Inc. (
Environmental Geosolutions, with offices in Canada and the USA, provides GIS and remote sensing services primarily associated with vegetation and agriculture. The company, headed by Stephen Boles, has been invovled in a number of high profile studies including ones related to avian influenza, carbon accounting, vineyard management, and crop insurance. The company is a frequent collaborator with Kim.

Fugro EarthData Inc. (
Fugro Earth Data provides a full range of GIS and related services. Of particular interest to Kim is GeoSAR, developed originally by JPL. GeoSAR is an airborne radar that provides simultaneous capture of P-Band and X-band radar along with a lidar. With GeoSAR base map information of the type typically associated with 1;25,000 and 1:50,000 topographic maps can be quickly produced even in cloudy tropical areas. A range of other interesting applications have been demonstrated. 

GEOIDE National Centre of Excellence (
GEOIDE is the National Centre of Excellence in Geomatics in Canada. The first three parts of its four part mission are the “development of a ubiquitous geomatics presence in a sustainable society”, “transforming geospatial information into applied knowledge, through research and development,” and the provision of a networked forum for exchange, collaboration and training in geomatics.

GeoInformatics and Space Technology Development Agency of Thailand (Public Organization) ( 
GISTDA is responsible for the Thai Earth Observing System (THEOS) satellite which was successfully launched on October 1st. THEOS is simialr in many respects to the latest SPOT satellite.  

Geomatics Industry Association of Canada (
GIAC represents the interests of the geomatics industry in Canada. Kim Geomatics first joined GIAC shortly after the company was formed. Dr. Ryerson currently sits on the Board of Directors.

The International Training Centre (
The ITC in Enschede, The Netherlands has long been a world leader in training related to remote sensing, mapping and geomatics. Bob Ryerson has been invited to speak at major meetings held at ITC.

Itres Research Limited (
Builds and sells the casi hyperspectral airborne sensor, a thermal sensor, and provides related consulting and services.

Lim Geomatics Corporation (
Lim Geomatics, a strategic partner of Kim, is headed by Dr. Kevin Lim, a frequent collaborator with Kim Geomatics. Lim provides expertise in Lidar and geospatial data infrastructures.

A company that supplies information technology solutions, RADARSAT data, ground stations, data handling systems and advanced technology in remote sensing and land information.

Optech (
Optech is the global market leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced, laser-based survey systems.

PCI Geomatics (
PCI is a leader in the development and provision of image analysis software and other geo-spatial software solutions.

Position Magazine and Asian Surveying and Mapping Newsletter (formerly GIS User Magazine) (
Position Magazine is a well written magazine published in New South Wales, Australia. The magazine features an interesting non-USA vision of the world - a useful perspective whether one is in Asia, Europe, or North America.

SPOT Image (
SPOT image provides the popular SPOT satellite imagery.

Sylvagro (
Sylvagro is a Kim Strategic Partner based in Montreal.

WorldSat International (
Creates high quality image-based products ranging from poster maps to digital backdrops.