Change Management Services

A tidal wave of change is sweeping across the geospatial world. The geospatial or geomatics world has been undergoing change of an unprecedented nature, and that change is accelerating. Markets are changing, delivery mechanisms are changing, and there are new players in the market. Pricing structures are changing. Data bases are proliferating. People around the world are being introduced to geospatial technologies - and are expecting more of them - for less money. Changes are coming at a dizzying pace. Once successful companies are now wondering about their survival. Models of government delivery must change.

Kim Geomatics has reacted to these dramatic changes by announcing our unique-in-the-industry Change Management Services for the Geospatial World. During a 2007 Trade Mission to the USA, Dr. Bob Ryerson, President of Kim Geomatics announced that Kim was adding a unique new change management consulting service targeted to the geospatial world backed by an expanding team of specialists. Kim is now providing confidential (where required) change management consulting and targeted workshops to help industry, governments, and international agencies better cope with the dramatic changes facing the geospatial world.

Ms. E. Ann Blair, CMC has joined Kim as Vice President of Management Consulting and leads the Change Management Practice. Over the past 18 years Ms. Blair has been at DMR and Fujitsu Management Consulting where she has led the SAP Practice, Change Management Practice and was head of the Management Consulting team for Canada.

For Further Details and Information on how we can help you react to the changes that are coming at warp speed, please contact us by Fax, e-mail, letter or telephone.