Government Services

The Government Services Division of Kim Geomatics Corporation provides services to the public sector world-wide.

We provide consulting in program development and evaluation, commercialization, data and pricing policy, applications development research and assessments, strategic partnering, marketing, business development and change management to governments, international agencies, and industry in geomatics, remote sensing, space applications and natural resource monitoring.

Meeting Our Client’s Needs is the goal of our organization and the key to our success now and in the future.

We can help governments decide how best to formulate space, geomatics, remote sensing and related programs and policies to meet their individual needs - be it import replacement, industry development, reduction of government spending, program re-focusing, commercializing government services, development of new applications, avoiding duplication of existing technology, or market assessment.

What we can do for government:

  • Marketing studies and advice and trend assessments
  • Change Management
  • Economic development and development of clusters in geo-information - local, national, or regional (multi-national)
  • Specific assistance in areas of our technical and geographic expertise
  • Help prepare materials to obtain funds from donors, central government authorities, international financial organizations, etc
  • Help develop proposals and do critical review of proposals
  • Provide written materials such as program justification documents, speeches, trade mission planning and materials, and articles for trade publications
  • Contract R&D, policy development and assessment, and feasibility studies
  • Assist in creating strategic linkages (e.g. identification and evaluation of potential partners)
  • Provide a different viewpoint or sounding board
  • Provide advice on dealing with other governments or other levels of government (world-wide)
  • Evaluation of aid programs (see our International Development Division materials)
  • Conduct workshops and provide training
  • Plan trade mission activities, seminars, workshops, etc
  • Provide an external, completely confidential sounding board for new ideas, strategies, etc
  • Product and service evaluations, customer satisfaction studies
  • Change management advice and assistance

Examples of work done by our staff (by location):

  • Developing national level industry strategy (North America, Asia-Pacific)
  • Developing government programs and policies (national and international; geospatial data infrastructure, geomatics, space, resource monitoring and mapping, etc.)
  • Evaluating aid programs (Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Latin America)
  • Doing space, remote sensing and geomatics program evaluations (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa)
  • Designing aid or other international programs (Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East)
  • Identifying strategic partners (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa)
  • Assessing technology (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa)
  • Evaluating investments (North America, Asia-Pacific)
  • Developing marketing plans and strategies and assessing marketing plans for government and private sector clients (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America)
  • Conducting market assessments and studies (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe)
  • Doing future projections and market projections (World-wide)
  • Carrying out industry evaluations (North America, Asia-Pacific)
  • Business development (World wide)
  • Change management (North America)
  • Project management (North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific).

World-wide experience: Our senior level people have worked in over 75 countries since the mid 1980s for a variety of international agencies, national governments, aid agencies, and corporations. Our most senior staff member has over 30 years of senior professional experience. We speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish - and have access to associates who speak most European and Asian languages.

Strategic Linkages: Kim has developed working relationships with a number of other major consulting firms and others involved within the space and geomatics community through membership and active participation in a number of scientific organizations and industry groups.

The countries in which Kim employees have worked include (in alphabetical order): Argentina, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Bangladesh, Barbados, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Fiji, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Pakistan, the Philippines, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda, the United States, and Vietnam.

Our Staff: Our people are our company’s strength. We draw on both permanent staff and those brought in to meet a specific client need. We have senior people based in North America, Latin America and the Pacific. We speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish - and have access to associates who speak most Asian languages.

For Further Details and Information on how we can help you: Please contact us by Fax, e-mail, letter or telephone.